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Since I just posted a new story with shoe loss, I figured I'd create a post here and update as I write further stories in the series, for folks that don't check DA often or at all. They come in two varieties: proper short stories (usually under or around 5,000 words) and interludes (shorter interstitial pieces the move the story along).

The stories are about my two OCs. Stilette, a lady-thief that specializes in stealing shoes, and Penelope Shear, a cop that crosses paths with her and gets mixed up in her world. Things develop from there, including a healthy dose of sexual tension between the two leads. There's plenty of visual art of them on my DA page.

The stories I write contain shoe loss, shoeplay, and related general shoe/leg/foot fetish stuff. Generally, they're fairly PG-13, but they can get rather mature. Some stories have more "action" than others, but I try to put at least a little something in each of them.

Stories in Order

Story 01 - "The Belle of the Ball"

Interlude 01 - "Police Work"

Story 02 - "A Strange Girl"

Interlude 02 - "Justice is Blind"

Story 03 - "Cloak and Dagger"

For my shoe loss and shoeplay artwork and fiction, checky my devart page:
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