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  Thumb Up!  new member-area
09-09-2018 07:39 by bosArt
   Site Lounge
Here you can discuss anything related to this website and its content. You can also use this forum if you have any questions or suggestions.
328 45
    Let's make it a brand?
05-06-2017 20:01 by Powell
   Problems and Solutions
If for some reason you are not able to receive your download links by email or cannot access your file for another reason then post your problem here and we'll solve it ala PM...
50 6
    im new
01-14-2016 16:55 by bosArt
   Critiques, Discussions & Reviews
Please post positive as well as negative critiques here concerning e-comics or other available content here. This is meant for exchange of information between users. I myself will not post any reviews here.
2,431 59
    Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, ...
10-14-2019 03:37 by Sonic52
Critiques & reviews of available E-Comics. Please use the rating system for quick rating of the E-Comics.
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  Text  Two new comics out
09-16-2015 16:30 by Mandrake
this is the place to discuss details about the new generation 2014 flash games
12 1
    Tokyo Metro - 1404i
05-09-2017 19:41 by bosArt
Other Content
Critiques & reviews of all other content.
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    Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, ...
10-14-2019 03:37 by Sonic52
Please post requests here. For example you could request which E-Model you would like to be featured in the next E-Comic or which kind of clothes you'd like her to wear.
53 8
    lost flat shoe
04-19-2017 13:01 by bosArt
Here is the place for your very own contributions to the members of this board and website. By posting text, photos, drawings or other content you created yourself, you agree that this content might be uploaded to the member section of This content might be edited, adapted or extended in any way necessary. If I decide to illustrate your work you will of course get access to the part of the member section where it is uploaded.
333 49
    Missed This One
08-17-2019 22:15 by Mandrake
Stories/Written Works
Here you can upload your stories or any written works you have created.
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172 27
    It has to be magnets
06-02-2017 17:09 by Mandrake
Art/Other Media
This is where you can post artwork and other media you have created.
130 19
    Missed This One
08-17-2019 22:15 by Mandrake
   Real Life Experiences
No fakes, no hear-say, just real personal encounters of that special kind...
122 9
    Cinema attendant
08-31-2019 07:16 by hunter77721
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