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Nylondon seems the very model of a modern city-state, so it stands to reason that it would pioneer a remedy for the ennui that comes with
watching a tennis match, as seen in "Under the Bleachers."

I presume that those old reprobates Harry and Larry don't have a season pass to the Fun Island tennis tourneys
because they admire volleys and aces. Nah! They prob haven't come close to watching an entire match yet.

With the easy serves that Lissa and Eve provided them, I'm not surprised. The two women are not exactly the brightest members of your burgeoning cast of ticklish heroines. Strikingly shallow and amazingly passive describe them well. But, from a perspective wherein their stocking soles are at one's fingertips, well, they're quite perfectly lovely, thank you.

Your stage setting was adept and efficient. Lissa's misdirected flirtatious fingerpoint and her singleminded assumption of just who was playing footsie with her (Whoops! Playing WITH her footsie, rather!) plausibly put her and the supremely credulous Eve in sole peril.

'Loved the crosscutting on pp 9 through 11 between tickled soles and the two lovelies failing so wonderfully at suppressing their giggles and guffaws.
Page 12's cut to the women's POV of Michael blithely waving was expert and caused me to chortle.
'Was tickled that Lissa, who, after all, got the ball rolling with her shameless play for her ex-, faced an overtime of tickling from those enviably opportunistic "boys."

BTW, I hope Samson has his resume in order. SOME bodyguard he is!

I'll bet Lissa's checkerboard pump stands out in Harry and Larry's "lone shoe" collection. Yet another of your cast of cuties gets to bunny hop home.

Thanks for another sleekly ticklish romp!
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thank you very much for another detailed review Smile

greetz fantomaZ
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