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I can't believe this section has so few posts, hopefully sharing my story will breath new life to this topic. I'd like to start off and assure that this story is %100 true and was by far the greatest experience I ever had and sadly nothing I've had since then has come even remotely close. I had it with my now Ex-Girlfriend a few years back. I decided to write it out a few months after we broke up and shared it on another site that sadly went down and never really had anywhere else to post it till now.

We went to the movies one night, which movie I honestly can't remember considering what entrainment really went on in there. It was summer time any my girlfriend was wearing jean shorts and black flats, a combination I secretly favored because she had very attractive legs and feet and she had a tendency to dip in and out of her shoes when standing idle (the only thing I miss about her at this point).

We took a couple seats towards the back of the theater on the far side. Not long after sitting down, we discovered we were close to the air vents, which was fine for a while considering how hot it had been lately, but it eventually started to get cold. I had brought my hoodie with me and suggested we lay it out across us both, the seats had fold-up armrests so she cuddled up beside me and we draped the sweater over our laps. About halfway through the movie she was fully pressed against my side and had wrapped herself around my left arm. Since I was sporting my usual cargo shorts and flip-flops, I could feel her whole right calve against me.

For brief moments she would slightly shift herself and I'd feel her soft skin from her knee to her ankle brush against me, on one or two of those instances I felt her heel brush my ankle and could tell she had popped it out of her shoe, that alone was turning me on (and was thankful to have a sweater covering my lap). At one point we got to gently bumping each others legs back and forth with a little more rubbing, I decided to make a bold move and hooked my leg behind hers and lift it upwards. before I knew it I had her right leg up and over my left and had her head nestled into the left side of my chest with my left arm wrapped around her.

I could feel her right foot swaying down between my legs and with my free right hand I began to gently rub her thigh under the sweater. I started slow and didn't go past her knee for the first few passes, I moved my hand to her inner thigh on one of them and could feel her body press harder as her arm around me tightened. I then made my way to her knee, gently brushing my fingers just behind it, she again made little reactions. I then made my move further down her leg, massaging her calve back and forth, stopping just above the ankle, a slight tickle made her leg gently kick and I could feel that she still had her shoe on.

I then let my hand settle on her ankle and there it remained for a few minutes, I then felt her leg shift and sway a few more times, at first I though she wanted to pull it away but she started holding me tightly and I realized she wanted me to continue. Without hesitation I started rubbing up and down her ankle and my fingers struck leather as I began feeling where the edge of her flat met her skin. I felt along till I felt a gap and slid my finger in and bushed the side of her arch, her whole body seemed to jolt and she grabbed me even tighter, buried her face into my shoulder, and let out a faint squeal, I knew I had hit the spot. I continued working my fingertips around the edge of her shoe, feeling it slide little by little, finally I felt her heel pop and her arch was exposed.

I gently gripped her foot and began to massage her instep, she began to slowly squirm, resisting the urge to laugh out, I could feel her shoe slapping my fingers as her toes flexed. I then began to dip my fingers further in between her sole and her shoe, she clinched up even more with her hand now tightly clutching my shirt over my chest, she was ready to burst. Suddenly she let out a brief squeak that was part laugh and part pleasurable moan, that same instant I felt something bounce off my foot, her shoe had fallen off.

her foot was now fully exposed and I immediately went to work on her sole and her toes, at this point all I could her was her muffled giggling into my shirt, I'm sure the group of people two rows below heard us, but we didn't care. I continued massaging her foot for a few more minutes before finally letting my hand rest again on her ankle. when I looked down to her she just looked back up at me with a smile and gave me a kiss. we spent the rest of the movie still cuddled together with her foot still on my leg, towards the end I felt her other foot gently rub and step on mine and could feel she had kicked off the other shoe at some point.

when the movie had finally ended and lights came on, she removed her leg from mine and began searching for her shoes, she found the one she had removed herself right behind her but she couldn't seem to find the one that fell off. I checked around and saw it had fallen under the seat in front of us, at first I pretended not to see it so I could savor her one-shoed state a little longer and told her I couldn't find it. She playfully hit me and told me I better find it or else, I decided to "find it" under the seat and returned it to her.

After that night, nothing we did together ever came close to that hour of bliss. the only notable mentions are us sitting on the couch a couple times with her feet in my lap and me giving her a more subtle massage with no major tickling and one occasion where I lifted her up onto my car while we were making out (she was about a foot and a half shorter than me so it became a favorite for me) and her flip-flop fell off. Sadly our relationship developed problems later on down the road (for a time I felt I was to blame but information revealed later would prove otherwise) and I've been living the single life since.

I hope maybe someday I can meet someone who would be willing to share in a similar experience so that this will not be my first, last, and only story, but such people are rare.
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Great story. Nothing like having a girl to cuddle with and tickle.
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thanks for this. I already feared I would stay the only one ...
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