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Posted by BatMad on 06-25-2018 at10:48:

  Zero Two is foot shy!

Dunno how many of you guys are familiar with Darling in the Franxx, btw the main girl is a horny (literally) pink-haired cutie in a military uniform and opaque tights. How could I resist, really.

I was tempted to draw her with taller boots but stuck with the original design in the end - though of course I've added my trademark stilettoes. No heels, no life. Flatshoers gonna hate Smile

Here are the two versions, head over to deviantArt for the silly animation.


Posted by Mandrake on 06-26-2018 at22:39:


Very cute

Posted by BatMad on 06-28-2018 at15:00:


Originally posted by Mandrake
Very cute

Thank you sir!


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