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Posted by fantomaZ on 12-12-2013 at14:51:

  Tokyo Metro - 1404i

first point & click adventure to be available. a playable demo you can already find in the member section.

this should not be difficult to play, although I didn't include helpful addons you might know from other adventure games like for example highlighted hot spots. focus in this game is to grant you choices where to go and what to do. but there will be some game paths that are a not as easy to find as other ones. maybe I'll even include some easter eggs, extra panels that you won't see if just following the direct path ...

Posted by Mandrake on 12-14-2013 at02:48:

  RE: Tokyo Metro - 1404i

can't wait!

Posted by omega on 07-31-2014 at07:30:

  RE: Tokyo Metro - 1404i

I have an idea that you could possibly use for the sequel, what about having a female protagonist that has the potential to lose or get her own shoes stolen if the player makes a mistake. For example if the player fails to make Kumi's shoe slip of into the gaps the female avatar's shoe will slip off on to the tracks. Or maybe the game could have a dangling mini game. Shoes could be like equivalent of lives in these game like for example if the player character loses both her shoes it could be game over.
Anyway I hope that you get better.

Posted by Mandrake on 07-31-2014 at08:06:

  RE: Tokyo Metro - 1404i

I'm hoping this game will get more updates. Really loved the concept. Love the idea of a female protagonist.

Posted by fantomaZ on 07-31-2014 at10:00:


I also have lots of ideas for this and similar projects. problem is, that it didn't sell well. so I had to priorize other projects which are less work but generate more income. but I still intend to release more of that kind because it's fun for me ...

Posted by Mandrake on 07-31-2014 at17:54:


I'm not sure why the game didn't sell too well. I felt like the idea behind it was great and I loved playing it. Maybe the game was a bit too expensive, or the game was too short and there wasn't enough content. I sympathize with fantomaz because I know he put he put a lot of time and effort into the game, and as a first attempt at a point and click flash game it was excellent. I know that future attempts will only get better. I would definitely love to see more content in these games, but I know it would take a very long time for Fantomaz to implement on his own.

I think, in order to make robust games of this sort at a reasonabe rate Fantomaz really needs a team of artists to get more content out faster. Fantomaz already has difficulty keeping up with the demands of e-comic commissions. I try to help out where I can with the text, but I'm afraid that I don't have the tools nor the expertise to help out with the graphics. Perhaps if I had a bit of training and the right software I could be of more use to him, or maybe some of you guys could help him out with the art. Of course that's up to fantomaz. He might be perfectly happy keeping it a one man show. Either way, a full length point and click game would be a monumental undertaking that would require a team of artists at the very least.

Still, I'm loving the idea of having female protagonists in the game, and my mind is racing with the possibilities of the great situations this could lead to. Maybe you can play the game as Sophie and her gang, and you can unlock even more popular characters from the e-comics.

Posted by Carlosfonteira on 08-01-2014 at12:40:


Personally, if I can humbly speak for myself, the only reason why I don't have buyed the game was the high price, and the fact that the number of girls avaliable it's a little low right now.
But the idea it's really super...

Posted by fantomaZ on 08-01-2014 at15:32:


Originally posted by Carlosfonteira
Personally, if I can humbly speak for myself, the only reason why I don't have buyed the game was the high price, and the fact that the number of girls avaliable it's a little low right now.
But the idea it's really super...

the price represents the amount of work. I could only sell it cheaper if I sold more. but from the experience with ecomics I'd say the core theme is sadlly too special for generating sales of an adaequat number ...

maybe I'll give it another try and aim for a special promo sale when a new part is available ...

about working in a team: I thought about that, but atm my income is simply too low for buying additional creative manpower ...

Posted by sffan on 09-26-2014 at17:48:


wheres the link?

Posted by bosArt on 09-26-2014 at18:31:


new shop is not open yet. so atm there's no link. on 10th of october all will be available again. and be sure to use the discount voucher that will be valid during the 3 days opening party (the coupon code will be posted soon) ...

Posted by omega on 05-09-2017 at18:55:


Is there a chance of this game ever getting a sequel or a continuation?

Posted by bosArt on 05-09-2017 at19:41:


I thought about converting it into an ecomic and then eventually extend it. flash games turned out to be too much work and in my opinion still are not really "gamey". not really fun to replay it with just a few options to choose from. I'd need a development team like an independent game studio to realize a fun flash game in acceptable variety and quality. Madrake posted something like that in an earlier posting, and he is absolutely right.

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