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Well, without giving too much away in terms of plot and surprises, I can say that this was another hugely entertaining and creative publication. Firstly, if you like hot female cops in sexy outfits (and who doesn't?) you are going to really enjoy this story. It centres around Anoushka and her potential new partner, Katie, as she investigates what appears to be just a standard disturbance involving some local youths, but all is not what it seems.....

The central characters of Anoushka and Katie are intriguing and its clear to see that these two are going to be getting involved in a lot of colourful adventures going forward. This really looks to be the start of a beautiful (and ticklish) friendship. Eszter and Mira provide ample support as the villains of the piece, being the sort of likeable bad girls that Fantomaz seems to create so well. These are again rounded and well thought out characters that you feel genuine attachment to.

Katie is the main tickle victim, a role she performs admirably. Some great action, interesting angle shots and enjoyable teasing dialogue. And her seamed nylons look fantastic. Of course, the other three all ultimately wind up on the receiving end eventually, with some very creative tickling methods and a nice pay off at the end. There is less time devoted to these three getting it compared to Katie, but the star of the story should always be in the limelight for the longest time. (And frankly I found Katie to be the cutest of the four, so no complaints here).

With regard to the price, $24 is more than you would normally pay for a standard tickling comic, but when you consider the number of pages and pictures, in my opinion its good value for money.

So if you like cute cops and playful bad girls this is the one for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely rate it as one of the more entertaining publications.

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thank you for this detailed review. it took me quite a long time to complete this one as you can see on the number T0012 when we've reached already T0020 recently. I wasn't satisfied with just having a rookie cop stumble clumsily into a ticklish trap. so the story got bigger and bigger. but this often happens when my models come to live ...

glad you like it Smile

greetz fantomaZ
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Yeah, I agree, this one definitely is one of my favorites. Still writing my text version. I had a setback due to a computer crash (seems we both had computer problems at the same time), but things are working fine now. I'm about half way done. I'll shoot it over to you soon.
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