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Chapter 3

The sun was going down behind the mountains and we had to return to our saucer because our currency wouldn’t be any good on their world. Once we got in, the women immediately took the other shoe off and we all retired to our rooms bidding good night to each other.
As my wife and I changed into our night clothes, I saw the somber look on her face. I sat her down on the bed and looked into her saddened eyes.
“Lisa, Honey, I want to apologize for the lack of attention I’ve been giving you lately.”
“It’s not that.” She exclaimed, “It’s this peculiar fascination you have for these strange women and for our female android. Ever since she came back wearing one heel and carrying the other, you seem to have slipped into a world of your own and looking at them the way you looked at me when we first met and started dating each other.”
I took her hand into mine.
“Lisa look, I love you more than anything in this universe. You’re the love of my life and I can’t imagine being with anyone else. All these women and May brought out of me was a fascination I’ve had since I was a child. I never really gave much thought to it until I saw May wearing one heel.”
“So, that explains why you love massaging my feet all the time when I returned home. You liked seeing me in one shoe, especially my left one since you always started with my right foot. Here, I thought it was out of love for that you were massaging my feet.” She pushed my hand away.
I didn’t dare take her hand back at this time because she was so upset at the thought of my deception with her feet. I knew she was wrong about that and I had to help her see the truth.
“Lisa, look at me!” I said firmly. “Look me straight in the eyes and listen.” She obeyed. “Sure, I love seeing you in one shoe, but, I also love seeing you in a negligee, I also love seeing you wear casual or formal; I love it when you massage my shoulders or give me tender kisses on my lips or cheeks. I love it when you play with me with our stuffed animals or support me in my dreams of flying the old war birds even though you think all that stuff is crazy.”
I made another attempt to hold her hand. She didn’t pull away.
“Honey, it’s the little things that you do to show me you love me and that I matter to you; that’s what amazes me the most and they mean more to me than anything in this world or anywhere else. It’s you I love and no one else, including those women on this world.”
Before I knew it, Lisa was on top of me kissing me with her sweet luscious lips. I love it!

The next morning, we woke up pretty late. Lisa and I went to sleep late last night; I’ll give you a wink as to why we stayed up late. Anyway, we got dressed and Lisa gave me the biggest surprise of my life. She was wearing her dress uniform with only her left heel on. The other one she carried like a hand bag.
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