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Chapter 2

What we saw, we could not believe at first. I couldn’t help myself but stare in awesome wonder, yet in bewilderment, at May. She was in perfect condition like Mike was except that she wore only one shoe when she stepped out of the pod along with the male. Her left shoe was on but her right shoe was off and she was using it as a handbag.
We brought the androids to the bridge where our robotics expert, Ensign Don Robinson will question them of their experiences on the planet. All the time, May walked a few feet in front of me and I couldn’t help but stare at her feet. Seeing her beautiful stocking right foot walking in unison with her left foot in its shoe was mesmerizing.
She walked as if she had been wearing one shoe all of her time since she was created by Ensign Don Robinson two years earlier. My wife, Lisa, was noticing my stare and was giving me a puzzled look of disapproval. I turned my eyes down even further to the floor in shame. What answer could I give her if she asks me about my enchanted moment?
Lisa didn’t say anything but watched the sliding doors to the bridge open. We sat the androids in swivel chairs and May crossed her beautiful legs, the right one over the left bobbing her stocking foot up and down in revilement. Lisa again looked at me as I was watching the one shoe scene May was portraying in front of me with thirst of look in my eyes. Again, her cold stare made me look down in shameful embarrassment.
Ensign Don Robinson took another swivel chair and leaned forward toward the androids.
“So, May, why are you wearing one shoe and toting the other like a hand bag?” He asked.

May smiled, not a usual trait for an android, and said, “This is how women go about their day on the planet below.”
“You’re telling us that all women on that planet are wearing one shoe as a normal way of being dressed for the day?” I asked.
“Yes.” She said, “One day they wear only the left shoe and the next day, they wear only the right. They alternate days one what shoe to wear. Today, they were wearing only the left shoe.”
“WOW!” was all I could say.
I will not go into detail on how we came to crash land on the planet. It’s all written in the report, you can read it if you want. What I will say though is that we managed to crash the saucer in an upright position with very little damage. It took several months to repair the saucer back to full operation. Alright, the job only took a couple of weeks, okay? What can I say? I was in my wonderful world of my fantasy and loving every minute of it.
Seeing all those women wearing one shoe every day we were there was like living in heaven to me, especially seeing those women who wore high heeled pumps. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. My wife, Lisa, fumed at all the attention I giving these women wearing one shoe. I couldn’t blame her though, seeing a man she’s in love with giving practically all his attention to strange women on a peculiar planet.
Being that these people were human like us and that their technology was up to par, we blended in their world real nicely. They didn’t seem to notice that a flying saucer crashed on their planet and it’s Captain and crew were walking among them. What I had to laugh to myself though was that our women were getting puzzled looks from passers by because they were wearing both shoes instead of one. Since their women were wearing only the right shoe, I suggested to our women to take off their left shoes for the time being until we can figure out what to do and get our saucer fixed.
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