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The Peculiar Planet



Chapter 1

This story I’m about to relate to you seems asymmetric but you must read the whole tale in order to understand why I have this weird, yet harmless, fascination for Cinderella women. These women who seem to love wearing one shoe. I guess you could say I’ve always had this peculiar trait since I can remember.
Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale character. I’ve always looked for her in books and watched movies about her. She represented the woman in true form by recognizing her weaknesses but never letting them stop her from reaching her goals.
As appealing as it is to see a woman wearing one shoe, especially a high heeled pump, I would never force them to do so. If the woman wears one shoe, it will be by her choice and her choice alone; it’s because she loves me and wants to please me.
Anyway, getting back to my story, I really thank God for His tender mercies in allowing me to observe my passion to the hilt on a strange and wonderful planet. Fortunately we had the misfortune of crash landing on this beautiful world. It was fortunate because I had the chance to have my fantasies realized. It was misfortunate because we had to crash land on the this wonderful world and it took months to get back into space once more.
My story, actually our story for I was with other seven members of our flying saucer, began when we spotted this world circling a giant star at our galaxies edge. It looked like our earth upside down the way its continents and it’s oceans were placed.
We decided to orbit this world just outside its gravitational pull.
“Let’s send Mike and May down to the surface and check out the inhabitants of this world.” I said to my lovely wife, Lieutenant Lisa Park, who is one of my crew.
Lisa ran her fingers through her long, blonde hair in trying to contemplate on whether it was a good idea. You see, Mike and may are two androids that came along with us as helpful servants to explore the new worlds with us. Mike, of course, is the male and May is the female. Lisa was concerned about us sending them because they haven’t been activated since we left earth so many months ago.
“Are you sure about sending them, Bill? After all, they could’ve developed some defects standing in there tubes for so long.”
“Only one way to find out, honey, is to activate them and program them to return in a week.”
Our dress uniforms were pretty simple. The men wore white shirts with turned down collar and a suit jacket with an up turned collar. Our rank chevrons were on the collars of our shirts and on the shoulders and lower sleeves of our jackets. The men also wore straight pants, black socks, and dress shoes with Velcro on the tongue and that held the upper sides together on top.
The women wore the same dress jacket as the men but the had white shirts with ruffles in the front, skirts that went just above the knee, nude pantyhose, and four inch black high heeled pumps.
This was the dress code our androids wore when we sent them on their way to the planet below. The androids were to check out the planet while heading for the delegations who are in charge of the countries that might exist on this alien world.
“Where do you want to land them, Captain? Asked Lieutenant Edward Langerick, who was in engineering.
“As close to a city as possible. I do not want them walking too far incase Lisa is right about them.”
“Aye, aye, sir.” Lt. Langerick acknowledged as he closed the hatch to the pod. We counted ten seconds before Lt. Langerick pushed the button to send the pod on its way.

The pod that the androids descended to the planet with was like a smaller version of the saucer itself. It held no more than four people at a time and was kind of snug.
I turned to the crew and said, “Now we just sit back and wait.”
The week went by fast and Lieutenant Kate Parker, our communications officer, came onto the ship’s bridge and told me that the pod returned to our saucer. Everybody ran to the pod chamber and Lt. Langerick opened the hatch. The look on our faces was something left to be desired when we got a first look at our androids.
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This looks like it's going to be a good one. Smile
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