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True story
This took place in the mid1970s; my second cousin who always had a crush on me (I don’t know why) came down for the weekend with her mum and dad. She asked me if I still had my old classic Daimler V8, she always loved cars, I said yes and she replied, can we go out for a ride, so I said yes, where do you want to go?, she said how about down to the coast, ok I replied. As we walked out to my car I had a good look at her.
She was wearing an orange low cut top and pink striped skirt, but the best bit was she had on a pair of wedged high heeled espionage sandals, tied in a bow about mid-calf. We got into the car and on the drive down to the coast, which was about 20 minutes away, I could see her playing with the bow of her sandal. Wow I thought to myself I would love to take her sandal off, just one would do. We parked up near the sands and she said, I have always wanted to walk bare foot on the sands, now me being a bit of a joker I said, how far can you walk wearing just one of those high heeled sandals, she gave me a cheeky smile and put her right foot on my lap, then said well I would have to take one off first or maybe you could.
Well that was what I was waiting for, I put my hand on her sandal strap and as I did I looked at her face, she just smiled and said what are you waiting for, then looking down at her right foot in my lap, so I untied the bow and slipped her sandal off her bare smooth foot. As soon as her sandal was off her foot she got out of the car, much to my surprize. Then she just stood there waiting for me. I got out the car still holding her sandal, thinking to myself she will ask for it back, or she will take off the other one, but when I walked around to her, she surprized me again
She looked down at her sandal I was holding and said I don’t want that, what I said oh, ok I will put it in the boot of the car then shell I? She then said, if you must. Not too sure what she meant by that at the time. By the time I did that and had locked up the car she had already got to the steps leading down to the sandy beach. I caught up with her, but the view was fantastic from behind, she was walking on tip toes with her bare sandal-less foot, we walked along the sands hand in hand and she seemed to enjoy her Cinderella predicament, we spent about an hour on the sands. Eventually she said it’s getting late I suppose we should be getting back, much to my surprize again as we got to the car and I unlocked and opened the door for her, she just got in, so I got in the driver’s side and expecting her to ask for her sandal, all she said was I really enjoyed today but, I suppose I better have my other sandal back, or there will be too many questions.
Being a bit puzzled by that I asked her if she had ever lost a shoe, no was the answer. Oh I said disappointedly, but then she continued by saying I have had to leave one shoe at the repairers on a few occasions. Really I said pressing her for more information, so she told me the time she was in town and the toe post of her mule come apart so she couldn’t wear it, instead she had to leave it at the shoe repairers. She told me she spent the rest of the day wearing just her left wedged high heel mule.
When we got back she took her sandal but didn’t put it back on, but instead just carried it, when her mother saw her wearing one sandal, she said to her, oh no have you broken another shoe? No mum just got a blister on my little toe, while giving me a secret wink. Oh that’s ok then you do get through a lot of shoes. Later that day I asked her what did your mum mean by you get through a lot of shoes, her reply was tell you later, but she didn’t tell me anymore.
Here are two attachment, these are as I remember it.

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