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Thread: Love it! Love it!

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Love it! Love it! 03-12-2012 08:45 Forum: E-Comics

I've only read NYLONDON POLICE ACADEMY parts 3, 5, and 7 (What can I say? I favor the odd...), but it follows fabulously in the delicious long-form tradition of HOTEL COOCHIE COO and MOST TICKLISH HEIST OF THE CENTURY.

As you know, I'm partial to playful slapstick tickle scenarios, so a plot in which a varied cast of nylon-clad lovelies maneuver each other into ticklish situations is simply irresistible.
Why do female police officers in Nylondon invariably wear short skirts, nylons, and high heels? Why are these officers--indeed ALL women in Nylondon--SO ticklish and so prone to tickle each other silly? Why do they keep losing their shoes, usually one at a time?
I'm quite happy to continue suspending my disbelief in the face (and stocking feet) of such laughter-filled and laughter-provoking adventures.

You exploited your large and varied cast beautifully, in a series of clever cooctchy-coo setpieces. The high point of the odd parts was probably the hilarious wrestling match between Hatice and Consuela. Hatice is one of my favorites of your stock company, not least of all because her rep as a "fight girl" is constantly being upended by her happy proclivity for hapless ticklish situations. She is glorious proof that the bigger and stronger they are, the more delicious it is to watch them be tickled silly.
The wonderfully delineated "kidnapping rescue" scenes later in part 5
managed to be both suspenseful and amusing. With this bunch, it was never a question of whether they'd find themselves trapped and tickled, but how. Very funny stuff!

The continuity from story to story--Yasmin's humiliation of Gabrielle in HEIST's LOST SHOE GOALGETTER chapter leading to Gaby's surprise revenge here--really enriches the whole scheme of things. Tickling is ALWAYS more fun when it's enwrapped in a clever plot involving well-sketched characters. Hatice and Yasmin, to name just two, live and breathe, so when they're tickled, one can practically hear their laughter--and feel their feathered feet's fate.

your Nylondon universe is truly one of the glories of the tickling creative community. Your tales are funny, sexy, and thrilling...richly filled with smart, stylish women whose sleek nylon-clad feet are ever imperilled by fiendish female featherers. That's why we grimly suffered your Japanese hiatus, and applaud your return with the Spring...
Thread: I foresee much sheer bliss...

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Fun trumps commerce...sometimes 05-13-2011 07:18 Forum: Other Content

Well, if we did everything JUST for the money, what would be the fun in that? Of course, one has only so many shirts to lose...
I'm glad you dropped the animated corpse scenario. Zombies as a trend is just so...dead...
And hooray for happy accidents! Art without 'em is just so much industry...
Maybe the solution to funding these expensive things is product placement. Surely there's a brand of nylons and/or feather dusters that would be tickled to have its product prominently on display in your next plumetti...
Thread: Party at the Hotel Plaza!

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In Thrall of Nylon Masters 05-09-2011 20:02 Forum: E-Comics

All this tech talk has me dizzy, but it can't dampen my excitement at the presence of three of my favorite nylon tickle tale masters on one thread: fantomaz, Mandrake, and Kindred.
The thought that the three of you might team up to produce a feature for this site is enough to intoxicate me.
I'd better not operate any heavy machinery for a while... Wink
Thread: I foresee much sheer bliss...

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Thought of sequel casts a spell 05-09-2011 19:26 Forum: Other Content

Well, hope we have in abundance... Wink
Btw, as if Mandrake needed MY kibitzing, I'd love to see a sequel spring from that little plot seed planted in "Conscience" implying that Donia really has latent paranormal abilities. Perhaps it's just because the paralegal is SO suggestible, but Sandra broke off her tickle attack because she felt tickly sensations on HER tootsies after Donia threatened to cast a tickling curse on her.
Would it be too too terrible ( Wink ) if Donia directed a cootchy-coo spell on Sandra's stocking feet while the latter was at work during an important phone conference? Sheer magic would ensue, I'm sure...
Thread: I foresee much sheer bliss...

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I foresee much sheer bliss... 05-07-2011 13:54 Forum: Other Content

The "Gypsy Makes Clueless Paralegal Shoeless" trilogy is funny, sexy and a triumph of the underutilized artform of the "plumetti." In a video, this storyline might be too silly to play plausibly (although I'd love to see it, of course), but in sequential photo form, it tickles a nylon tootsie fan's fancy quite nicely.
Donia, her compulsive scheming notwithstanding, keeps hilariously bumbling into shoe loss and tickle trouble. The actress portraying her expertly offers smiles seductive and loopy. One can almost hear her mental wheels spinning as she vamps Sandra with "sole reading" palaver.
And I love her many-hued toenails: a lovely giveaway of her mercurial, twisty nature.
Initially oh-so-serious Sandra is suitably clueless while Donia plays her, and satisfyingly vengeful as Donia's "conscience." The actress playing Sandra did a lovely job distinguishing both aspects, whether tickled pink or enacting justice.
Really like the costuming of the pair and the florid color scheme.
Donia's ratty, radioactive-green sneakers nicely complement her green blouse and multi-hued peasant skirt. Sandra switching tops as she switched roles is neat and clever.
The "You Are There" preamble with Donia literally up a tree is very amusing. Serves her right.
And, as I would expect from an offering on Fan's site, the sexy stocking sole shots are generous and lovely. I can almost feel Sandra's stocking toes twitch at Donia's mischievous touch. Donia's spectacular soles at the climax couldn't be bettered by CGI!
More "plumetti," please! And, please cast your two star performers again. They tickle the imagination expertly.
Thread: Party at the Hotel Plaza!

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Ticklish Balance 03-19-2011 17:32 Forum: E-Comics

Ah, well that I know the ticklish balance between art and commerce!It's quite understandable that you want to make comics that sell--both to justify your labor and maintain the site.
I'm glad, tho', that you DO often indulge in favorite themes. Crafted with care and passion, they can become everyone's favorites. Well, at least, mine... Wink
Three-three hundred twenty p-pages! That would seem to be the GONE WITH THE WIND of tickling comics! Hooray for letting your creativity run amok!
Thread: Party at the Hotel Plaza!

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Party at the Hotel Plaza! 03-19-2011 13:42 Forum: E-Comics

Huzzah! At last, you're back and rife with creative, feather-filled fervor! To celebrate, let's spotlight what is your magnum opus.

HOTEL COOCHIE COO is in very, very select tickling comic company both for its ambitions and its fulfillment of same. Only MTJ's VELLACATRICES UNLIMITED rivals with its range of glamorous ticklish ticklers, lively plot, wicked humor, and sheer amount of sexy tickling.
You may have the edge, tho', both for the obvious affection you have for each of your carefully-sketched characters and the loving way you detail their nylon-covered tootsies and the playful tickling of same. I fervently feel that when artists and writers work hard to develop characters, the tickling they depict is MUCH more fun and sexy. Our stay at your HOTEL certainly proves that deliciously!

What a fabulous flock of ticklesome characters! I love how you manage to render ALL of them at some point one-shoed Cinderellas, and allow each a chance to tickle as well as be tickled.
Aynur and Hatice are their usual trouble-prone selves, and their playful affection for each other is as endearing as ever. The cunning confidence of the scheming Aleshanne and Portia is wonderfully upset by their ticklish comeuppances. The edgy Martina and Nadja are very scary ticklers who soften splendidly when tickled. (If only Ornella--maybe the scariest tickler of all in her all-too-brief scene--had stayed long enough at the Plaza to lose a boot and have her no-doubt spectacular ticklishness revealed!) Fatima--despite her prisoner status--projects a convincing snobbery interrogating Aynur and is plausibly soft-soled under feather. Mei Lin as a Keystone Cop prone to naps and ticklish situations is hilarious! And sweet. hapless Guelcan would, I'm certain, have been tickled silly by EVERYONE if the story had run long enough. (Don't faint! I realize it's quite long enough as is.)

In a "real" world which sadly sees fewer women in fetching nylons with each passing day, your commitment to keeping your cast hopping in sexy stockings is a delight, greatly appreciated. The variety of nylons and footwear you painstakingly craft is splendid, as well.
Please tell us this won't be our only peek at coochie coo doings in the Hotel Plaza. At least one of your plot threads, the mobster hideout, deserves continuance, if only to see Ornella humbled.
And I'd love to see Andrea (perhaps my favorite of your lovely stock company in stockings) and Canan (the character that I think YOU show the most affection for) visit the Hotel to be esnared in its bunny-hopping, tickling-crazed hijinx.

I know your plans favor a raft of shorter tales, but if HOTEL COOCHIE COO is any indication, your talent begs to be expressed in longer, epic form. Easy for me to say, eh? Wink

Welcome back! During its hiatus, your site was sorely missed!
Thread: illegal downloads

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A real down(load)er... 08-28-2010 22:27 Forum: Announcements

I'm very sorry that you're battling unscrupulous sorts, who've stolen
your hard work. Yes, this IS a commercial site, but one doesn't have
to spend much time with your and Mandrake's work to realize it's about the passion as well as the pay. There's too much lovingly-detailed craft in both the art and the writing for it simply to be business.
When one works hard--however motivated, one wants SOME return. Positive feedback is nice; payment for the site and the work is better. Folks who disregard that and, furthermore, add injury to insult by stealing your work deserve your scorn--and your righteous pursuit.

BTW, tho it was short-lived, thanks for the summer sale. It allowed this penny-pinching fan to take the plunge on the full HOTEL COOCHIE COO. Here's hoping that this nasty business doesn't sour you on continuing your distinctive comics. I, for one, would miss them.
Thread: member section - special focus

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Cootchy-Coo Convent? 08-28-2010 22:11 Forum: Announcements

A tickled nun? NOW you're talking! More bad taste, I say!
(Of course, knowing the prerequisites of the site, a nun in nylons and high heels in itself is splendidly transgressive. Wink )
Thread: No-Fault Tennis

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No-Fault Tennis 06-22-2010 21:20 Forum: E-Comics

Nylondon seems the very model of a modern city-state, so it stands to reason that it would pioneer a remedy for the ennui that comes with
watching a tennis match, as seen in "Under the Bleachers."

I presume that those old reprobates Harry and Larry don't have a season pass to the Fun Island tennis tourneys
because they admire volleys and aces. Nah! They prob haven't come close to watching an entire match yet.

With the easy serves that Lissa and Eve provided them, I'm not surprised. The two women are not exactly the brightest members of your burgeoning cast of ticklish heroines. Strikingly shallow and amazingly passive describe them well. But, from a perspective wherein their stocking soles are at one's fingertips, well, they're quite perfectly lovely, thank you.

Your stage setting was adept and efficient. Lissa's misdirected flirtatious fingerpoint and her singleminded assumption of just who was playing footsie with her (Whoops! Playing WITH her footsie, rather!) plausibly put her and the supremely credulous Eve in sole peril.

'Loved the crosscutting on pp 9 through 11 between tickled soles and the two lovelies failing so wonderfully at suppressing their giggles and guffaws.
Page 12's cut to the women's POV of Michael blithely waving was expert and caused me to chortle.
'Was tickled that Lissa, who, after all, got the ball rolling with her shameless play for her ex-, faced an overtime of tickling from those enviably opportunistic "boys."

BTW, I hope Samson has his resume in order. SOME bodyguard he is!

I'll bet Lissa's checkerboard pump stands out in Harry and Larry's "lone shoe" collection. Yet another of your cast of cuties gets to bunny hop home.

Thanks for another sleekly ticklish romp!
Thread: Backyard Soccer

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Poor, poor Canan! 06-21-2010 08:08 Forum: E-Comics

Has anyone asked Canan HER opinion of the rendering of her stockings?
I would think that more snugly fitting nylons would make her tickling all the more mirth-making!
But, seriously, fantomaZ, I'm sure that I'm hardly alone in applauding your ceaseless attention to detail. Such detail elevates craft to--Dare I say?--art (Gasp!)
Thread: Tickled in Grand Style

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Tickled in Grand Style 05-23-2010 05:10 Forum: E-Comics

Remember, if you will, the celebrated early-30’s movie, GRAND HOTEL. It was made by the rich and powerful MGM, which filled it with some of its top stars, including the legendary Greta Garbo and the young and (now infamous mommie) Joan Crawford.

GRAND HOTEL interweaved the stories of guests and workers at a swanky Berlin hotel. Included were a depressed diva ballerina, a desperate jewel thief, a dying man on a last holiday, a ruthless magnate, a concierge nervously awaiting news about the birth of his child, and a stenographer hoping to score a rich husband.

What makes the movie work is how deftly the disparate characters’ stories parallel each other and intersect as they build to their respective climaxes. It’s such a clever tapestry that one imagines that pulling out one strand--the ballerina and the jewel thief, say--while it would still entertain, would cause it to lose the significance of drama-in-context, not to mention undermine the work as a whole. Excerpts from GRAND HOTEL don’t do the whole movie justice.

This brings me to the swanky Hotel Plaza of your tickle tapestry, HOTEL COOCHIE COO, and its tantalizing bevy of scheming, lusting, teasing, manipulating, and tickling beauties, all, quite happily, clad in nylon stockings, easily rendered shoeless, and eventually proven spectacularly ticklish. As of yet, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the work in toto. I’ve only viewed MAIDS IN DISTRESS, one of the two extractions from your tickling tapestry. MAIDS is fun and sexy, but it’s obvious that, stripped from the whole, it’s not as much fun, or as satisfying dramatically.

Those of us on, ah, limited budgets, who have to approach such a magnum opus in installments, will simply have to make the best of it until we can appreciate the whole. And there is much to appreciate in MAIDS, even as it’s clear that it’s only part of a cornucopia of tickling turnabouts.

There’s the usual affectionate and mischievous byplay between Aynur and Hatice, each one manipulating the other (and clearly allowing herself to be manipulated) into ticklish situations. Their regular Cinderella routine is becoming endearing. I suspect that I would be disappointed if they appeared and it didn’t happen. (I envision a gag panel in a future tale showing either Cinderella’s shoe closet, conspicuously displaying numerous single shoes.)

Portia’s coming to Hatice’s rescue is certainly the action highlight of the episode. Her google-eyed expression when her advantage over the clever Aynur is quickly gone with her pump tickled this reader.
Portia’s readiness to join in the tickling fun (and her own susceptibility) makes her small role in the excerpt maddeningly tantalizing.

In this overall light-hearted episode, Martina’s entrance is like that of the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ. Her “interview” with Hatice is not unlike the frightening scene in OZ when, having kidnapped Dorothy to her castle, the Witch demands the ruby slippers. Martina’s a domineering woman who positively sneers when she tickles, and thus is guaranteed to be subjected to it later.
I see why you had to include this scene in the extraction (how Hatice lost HER shoe and why she later so quickly scoots under the bed in the suite), but, unresolved, it does clash with the antics in the hotel suite.

In this extract, Nadja is a cipher. Her rather half-hearted defense of the bullied Hatice, tho’, does make one wish the stylish lawyer her own ticklish nightmare. And sure enough, I see, that’s what you have in store for her in the overall story and the other extract…

In fetish terms, MAIDS is vivid and generous, in your usual manner and vernacular:
Stylish shoes are teasingly removed... nylon-clad tootsies are lovingly revealed. Add to those erotically-exciting elements a feather duster, which never fails to tickle the imagination of this reader. And characters who verbally tease with “coochie coochie coo” will ALWAYS sing to me.

Thus, though it be sadly pulled from its larger ticklish context (most apparent in the Hatice/Martina confrontation), MAIDS IN DISTRESS is a puckish and playful diversion.

I do have a few quibbles. I’ve never done computer rendering of the human form, so I can’t speak as to how challenging it is. But, clearly more than renders of pencil, ink, and brush, it seems to lead the artist to pursue realism more easily, in the manner of photography. Most of the time in MAIDS, this realism is conveyed acceptably. When a nylon-clad foot is lovingly depicted (as in page 12, panel 2 and page 24, panels 3 & 5), it’s considerably MORE.
There a few shots, tho’, where the anatomy seems a bit, well, stretched. Aynur‘s arms make like Plastic Man‘s in a couple of jarring places (page 2, panel 1; page 23, panel 2).
But these ARE minor quibbles in a tale where the body language is usually expressively spot-on.

Since I’m indulging in quibbles, I can’t help feel that an opportunity was lost to further the fun of the situation promised by the third panel of pg. 25, with Portia’s RHT sole in hand and Hatice’s fetchingly-upturned sole so handy. If only Aynur had been allowed to catch Hatice’s ankle in her own single leg lock, she might have continued to aggressively tickle Portia into helplessness AND do the same for Hatice. It might have made for another page of Aynur ever so briefly bettering her two bigger, stronger “wrestling” foes.
But I can hear you groaning. The story, after all, as a whole is 129 pages long as it is!

Hmm…129 pages, eh? That’s a LOT of coochie coo. Can an eager ticklephile fond of nylon-clad tootsies survive the full story? Stay tuned…

(BTW, as MAIDS clearly shows, HOTEL COOCHIE COO has more giggles and cute nylon tootsies by far than the venerable GRAND HOTEL. Take THAT, MGM!)
Thread: Dark & Semi-Sweet Before Sweet & Silly

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Sweet Tooth 05-15-2010 01:16 Forum: E-Comics

Thank you for the bonus, fan. (I like to imagine that I wasn't as avid in its pursuit as Aynur is in putting herself in ticklish situations...)

Man, I appreciate differing approaches and tones in tickling tales, but I must confess to preferring tickled characters engaging in slapstick over enduring trauma. Either I'm romantic or just a weenie...
Thread: Dark & Semi-Sweet Before Sweet & Silly

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Dark & Semi-Sweet Before Sweet & Silly 05-14-2010 18:54 Forum: E-Comics

Having just read "Nightmare Ave. No. 14" as a whole--after having sampled Andrea & Co.'s misadventure first--I'm struck by how different in tone the two parts are.

In each part, the protagonists (as well as the antagonists) are markedly varied.

Canan approaches No. 14 with a sadness and wariness that makes one want to give her a hug and warn her away from the place. Her glasses give her a serious, thoughtful look. She does seem to be a magnet for people--even to her unseen boyfriend--eager to exploit her. When she's tickled, it's more than a bit of a cruel thing to do to such a tender heart (if a tenderfoot). Her bewildered, seated form-awakening from her ordeal--is strangely affecting, even lovely.

Andrea's glasses, by contrast, seem like a fashion affectation, signaling her ambition, and don't disguise the fact that, while she's clever, she's not quite as smart or as self-possessed as she appears to be. When she's tickled, it's hilarious just desserts. And when she revels in tickling the college girls, it's amusing and wholly in character. (Altho, to give her her due, she's not so driven that she didn't stop to aid the fallen Canan during the transition between parts.)

Hatice and Aynur project the breezy, impatient self-assurance guaranteed to get them in trouble and amply tickled. While Aynur pretty clearly craves putting herself in ticklish situations, Hatice's hard case makes it appear that it's the last thing she wants. But, I think she protests too much. For all her complaints, I suspect that she secretly relishes being tickled as much as her prankster pal.

Canan's encounter at the door is truly the stuff of nightmares. On one side are two "dirty old men" who snatch the package, withhold her pocket pc, steal one of the boots she takes such pride in, and then mercilessly tickle her tender foot. On the other are the vampirish Morgana and her two fellow twisted sisters, who steal her other boot, and seem even more bent on cruelly tickling her.
Merely trying to do her job gets her tickled 'til she passes out, sees her
put under a wicked witch's spell (the further effect of which presumably will make for another cruel cootchy-coo Canan tale), and costs her the modest symbols of her tentative dignity: the stylish boots her Dad bought for her.

Andrea's pursuit of her briefcase is more the stuff of slapstick. Harry and Larry seem much more like the mischievous boys they're (not really credibly, I'm sure) pretending to be. Andrea's purposeful lies and the college girls' easy surrender to greed at her monetary offers are worthy of screwball comedy, so it's no surprise that, in short order, they're tickling each other much more than the "boys" tickle them.

(BTW, in any future revised version of ABP, I hope you somehow manage--in a tale already crowded with cootchy-coo action--to give Hatice a chance to tickle either Andrea or Aynur (Or both!). Perhaps when Andrea has directed her tickling attentions to Aynur, Hatice can remove her pal's other ballerina flat and add to her hilarity. Or (And?), when Andrea lets go of the girl's lost shoes when the "boys" tease her toes, Hatice, in disgust, might claim Andrea's remaining pump and pay the businesswoman back for so gleefully tickling her helpless foot.
Either way, one (or two characters) would be straddling the door as she's being tickled on both sides in comedic complement to Canan's nightmare in the first part.)

(And, while we're talking revisions, in the sequence in CTPD when the wicked trio are peering through the door at Canan's tickling torment, at present, the shots don't match. That is, the shots of Canan's tickled foot are the reverse of the POV of the Goths; her foot is always seen as if from inside, not outside. One shot, at least, looking down along Canan's leg of the top of her twitching toes and trembling foot from the Goth's view would ice the cootchy-coo cake. Just a nitpicky thought...)

I can't stop without commenting on the--Ahem!--infamous page 24. On the one hand, it's an obvious and not ineffective way to depict Canan's slipping into unconsciousness. On the other, it seems, visually and ticklemindedly--a terrible waste of a whole page. I'm not sure what could replace it...maybe a montage of Canan's waggling foot and wiggling toes and her hysterically laughing face gradually melting and fading to black.
This reminds me of the furor in a long-ago Marvel comic, when artist John Byrne depicted a superhero fight in a snowstorm by presenting 6 pages blank except for a flurry of word balloons. He was chided for taking a shortcut, however clever and as full of dialogue as it might have been.

In short, then, "Nightmare" is a tantalizing pairing of tickling scenarios dark and light, torturous and playful. While it may not have the obviously more ambitious intertwining of plots offered in "Hotel Cootchy-Coo"--clearly your magnum opus--it's an engaging and even inspiring (Witness this exhaustive, if not exhaustING, comment!) on its own.

And, I can't resist asking, fan:
Since Canan is based on an old acquaintance--clearly not forgotten--are you "having your way with her" in a manner you could not in real life?

Also, besides Canan's certain magickal re-encounter with Morgana and her minions, I'd love to see the pale witch pitted against someone who fancies herself equally powerful and wicked: Martina. It would be SO cathartic to see the fierce antagonists reduced to hapless, girlish laughter.

Thanks for the marvelous work.
Thread: Andrea and Co. Just A-door-able...

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A problematic brief case for expansion... 05-07-2010 23:15 Forum: E-Comics

Why, thank you! It seems only just to encourage good work presented with such pride and thought.

More musings inspired by Andrea and Co:

Should you ever decide to expand the fantomaz empire into other media, "Andrea's Briefcase Problem," as well as its co-feature, would make excellent candidates for adaptation.

Adding a soundtrack to this e-comic, with the dialogue voiced by two or more players (altho one clever female voice artist could play ALL the parts, including "the boys"), appropriate sound effects (Andrea's pump twacking against the marble, door panels sliding open, that sandbag whumping when it pins Hatice), and a continous light music score (not unlike the tunes by LeRoy Shields heard on the 1930's Laurel and Hardy comedies) would make reading the comic an even more ticklish experience.

And, while I'm annoyingly minding YOUR business and spending your investment capital, this comic is a ready-made storyboard for a short (say, 20 minutes) tickle video. This might be a tad expensive, what with casting 5 speaking parts and the women, at least, having to be
actors with some experience.
But, if you lavish the care onto it that you display in your comics, i suspect it would be a sensation in the ever-growing ticklephile market.

Just think: if it should come to the attention of a popular mainstream performer like, say, 30ish Scottish Kelly MacDonald, and she options it with the intention of expanding it into a feature while starring as Andrea...

Did I mention that I was a hopeless daydreamer? Wink
Thread: Andrea and Co. Just A-door-able...

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Andrea and Co. Just A-door-able... 05-07-2010 15:49 Forum: E-Comics

ANDREA'S BRIEFCASE PROBLEM is my kind of tickle tale.

Oh, hapless females in tickle dungeons have their place, but i much prefer playful tickling in a slapstick comedy setting. I'm much more likely to laugh with the characters that way.

I appreciated both the slow build-up and the attention to character detail, for they enhanced the impact of tickling when it finally came.
The web of white lies and hardly restrained self-interest ensnared the women as surely as "the boys" and their cunning door.

The Turkish cuties make a wonderful comedy team: Hatice seemingly more grounded and a bit too sure of herself, while Aynur simply can't resist indulging in mischief. Andrea's smart and self-possessed, which made both her manipulation by Aynur and her delight as merciless tickler all the richer.

"The boys" are written and drawn like overgrown Katzenjammer Kids, and, while simply creepy at first, become almost endearing when they catch the preoccupied Andrea at the end.

Visually, the tale was well-paced, with more expansive shots during the build-up giving way to lovely close-ups during the climactic action. The door lent itself to some clever reverse shots. Both body language and facial expressions were well wrought. You can't do good slapstick without 'em.

Whither Andrea? I hope her next adventure is in a professional setting, where she assumes she's in command. Perhaps she'll be put in a position where she has to maintain her composure while a rival mercilessly exploits her hopeless, shoeless, nylon-enhanced weakness.

It might be fun seeing Hatice and Aynur clash with another of your more mature, overconfident protagonists. Perhaps they could be shoe clerks run ragged by Martina and she simply pushes them a tad too far...

As for "the boys," perhaps their next role should be as homeowners justified in disciplining the all-too-acquisitive-and-inquisitve Portia, who picks the wrong house to burgle. Later, when Portia's public defender, Nadja, tries to visit them to arrange a settlement, they "negotiate" very generous concessions from her right at their still quite perplexing door.

Thanks for the eye and mind candy. Wink
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