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Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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05-30-2018 06:30 Forum: Other Content

Good to see the board is back up.

From the PS4 game Detroit: Become Human. I think this was posted before since it was in the trailer but now the full game is out. Not sure if anything has changed or been added. Girl is missing a sneaker (wearing ankle socks) while being held hostage by an android. You can sort of see the actual loss too earlier but only recreated with wire frame figures. It's at about 7:30.

Girl is swept away in a flood. Loses a sneaker in the water. Climbs out in one shoe and one ankle sock. That's the end of the book though unfortunately.

Girl trips in the mud and loses a flat. Carries on with one bare foot. Has new shoes after this scene though.

Girl is punched/stabbed and loses her slip on shoe. She is in one shoe and one bare foot for quite a few chapters although is unconscious so we don't see it more than a few times.

Not even a loss really but a one panel shot of a girl's foot coming out of her high heel when her foot is stepped on.

A blink and you'll miss it one. On the edge of the big pile up, one girl's heel is flying off. She is wearing knee socks.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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04-20-2018 13:20 Forum: Other Content

Just one today although it's a good one if you like sneaker/socks stuff like me. Girl's sneaker comes off in the water after jumping into the ocean. Not super long but some real nice shots as her feet are grabbed in the water by...I'm gonna say ghosts?

Originally posted by Mandrake
Awesome job again. Too bad no stockings (except for maybe that April O'neil one, but it's hard to tell). Also the last one made me laugh. I'm wondering if it wasn't so much a loss as much as it was her kicking off her shoes so she didn't get charged for them by the bowling ally. Still fun to see and I like her socks.

I wondered that as well. It does seem potentially voluntary. Although she's already left the bowling alley so I fear they won't be making it back to the counter regardless.

P.S. If you're interested in non-loss sock scenes there's another one earlier in the same issue of her and her friends that's quite nice.

Originally posted by omega


Well this is interesting. This was actually on my radar after reading a synopsis a while back. It's an anime called "To Be Hero 2" (or possibly To Be Hero Leaf now???). Although if it has any connection to the original To Be Hero (an obscure comedy short from several years ago) I can't discern it. Apparently part of the premise is that this girl's boot turns into a warrior who protects her. Unfortunately it looks like her other boot turns into his sword so she's not gonna be constantly one-shoed. Still this seems like some prime material. I'm not exactly sure when more episodes will come out. I don't think it actually airs in Japan until late May which is probably why I can barely find a mention of it on most Western sites. This seems to be a Chinese version which I guess was released sooner. Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for more episodes.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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03-26-2018 10:54 Forum: Other Content

Girl wakes up with one heel off after being attacked. (She has socks on.) Takes quite a few pages to eventually put it back on.

Girl gets punched right out of her flat. We don't see much of her after that but there is one quick shot of her socked foot later.

Girl gets punched and her shoe flies off. The other one disappears immediately after tho.

Girl's heel breaks so she walks away without it. Discards the other one a bit later.

Very quick one. Girl loses a heel being pulled out of danger.

April O'Neil is knocked out and has her sneaker pulled off by a vampire.
Side note: I really wish there were more to this one. Apparently, this character steals the shoes of his victims. Unfortunately, we only see him doing it in this one panel (and we don't see April again after). Also, while he *does* actually appear originally in an episode of the X-Files TV show, there he only *untied* shoes. Not sure where the comic got that he stole them.

Not a single shoe loss but a double. Captain Marvel is out bowling but then gets upset and flies away. As she does, her bowling shoes fall off and she flies to the moon in her socks.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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02-24-2018 09:19 Forum: Other Content

Promo image for an upcoming cartoon called Amphibia. Hope this reflects the actual show and isn't just added flair for the promo pic. Nothing else official has been released yet so it is tough to say. In any case, there's already some fanart popping up, much of which also features the character in one sneaker.

Bizzaro Supergirl gets punched so hard she flies right out of her boot. She's in one for the rest of the issue and into the next one until she loses her other boot in the exact same way.

Not actually a loss or a single shoe scene but something I'll pass along anyway just in case it interests anyone. Supergirl and her friend are inside in their socks. They climb out their window and go on a whole big adventure but are still without shoes the entire time.

Other brief ones:

A cartoon called Delilah and Julius (S02E05). Girl's boot is stuck in the train tracks so she slips out of it to escape. She gets it back soon after though.

Girl missing one sneaker. Unfortunately, it's just the cover. No actual loss in the book.

Girl gets in a snowmobile crash and one of her sneakers flies off. Fair warning, this one is pretty gruesome. She's immortal I guess so she lives but she still gets pretty mangled.

Girl loses a flat being attacked by coyotes.

Woman loses her shoe almost falling into a pit.

Another loss from to aru kagaku no choudenjibou.

Shattering window knocks a woman's heel off.

Woman tied up has only one heel on.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

Replies: 1,708
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01-05-2018 13:33 Forum: Other Content

Okay, those were just a couple recent finds but here's the rest of the manga ones from my long time list. I'm afraid a couple have been posted already but I can't recall which so I'll just post them all. I'm sure most are new.

Girl has a knife build into her shoe so her opponent knocks it off her foot. She's without it for several chapters after before eventually finding it I guess:

Girl loses a loafer running away from someone. She's wandering around without it for a little while afterwards:
She takes her remaining shoe off when she goes inside but is also seen back in one again briefly after leaving:

Girl leaves her sneaker (which is stuffed with explosives) behind when jumping out of a container. She is in one for quite a few pages before leaving the other one behind for the same reason.

Girl is fighting a monster. One of her loafers comes off. (It's not entirely clear where but it is gone when she lands). She is in one shoe for the entire fight and a little big after.

One of the most extensive ones I've seen. Girl loses her slip-on school shoe while crossing a rope bridge. She's in only one for a good 8 or 9 chapters until finally her friend gives her a pair of boots.

Girl is grabbed and pulled into a hole, right out of her sneaker. She wakes up later underground still without it, although she eventually finds it.

Girl kicks her loafer at her opponent to distract her. Doesn't have a chance to put it back on until after their fight.

Young girl has been kidnapped by a monster and is missing a loafer. Loss isn't actually seen but she is in one shoe for quite some time.
Much later in the same series, the same girl is kidnapped again and *again loses a shoe*. Again we don't see the actual loss but we do see her shoe left behind this time.
When they find her she is in one shoe for an extended period again.

Some other minor ones:

A very brief one from the same manga as above. Young girl kicks off her sandal while on a swing:

Woman gets eaten by a monster, leaving behind her heel. A few pages later she bursts free still in one shoe. Unfortunately, her powers cause her shoe to magically go back on her foot.

Actual loss isn't shown but after turning into a vampire, a girl runs away in one shoe. She wakes up the next morning still in one shoe.

Girl takes off her sneaker to drop it to decide which way to go. (Page #12Cool

Girl jumps off a railing. Her friend catches her but her loafer comes off:

Brief scene where a girl leaves behind a school shoe climbing out the window and runs away without it:

Not really clear on the context here but a couple panels where a girl has one loafer off:

Originally posted by MandrakeSome nice finds here. But two of those were taken down. I found alternate links

Huh, that's odd. They're working fine for me now. Well, if any of these new ones don't work, the title name, chapter and then the page number should at least all be there in the URLs.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

Replies: 1,708
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01-04-2018 14:09 Forum: Other Content

Batgirl's friend throws her boot to knock a villain off a roof:

Girl trips and falls, losing a school shoe:

Girl throws her sneaker at her opponent to distract her:

The rest of these aren't really losses but they are one shoe scenes so I'll pass them along too:

Not entirely clear what's happening here. Some kind of stretching? In any case, Batgirl has one boot off.

A nice panel of a girl kicking off a boot after going inside:

Girl in one sneaker while changing:

Girl slipped out of one sneaker while kissing boyfriend:
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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11-25-2017 12:32 Forum: Other Content

Cover has a woman with one shoe. I don't think there's any actual scene in the book though:

Brief scene where a girl loses her heel after getting punched:

Woman loses her heel crossing a wire:

I mentioned this one before as a possibility but now that the comic has updated a bit I can confirm. Seems like it could be a pretty extensive one too:
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

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10-12-2017 22:18 Forum: Other Content

Some more from comics.

Woman slips out of her loafer when she is attacked by a monster. Unfortunately, she inexplicably has it back on at the start of the next issue:

Woman falling loses one slip on shoe and then the other:

Same series as above. Woman attacked by a monster in a lake. She escapes but leaves one boot behind:

Woman losing a heel while being attacked:

It's not clear where it actually occurs but woman missing a boot here. Still missing it when she reappears a few pages later:

Brief one of a woman in one boot while strapped into a machine:

Woman loses a heel almost falling into a ditch. She loses the other one a few pages later and then is barefoot for the rest of the book.

Woman loses a flip flop (if you count that) jumping off a roof:

Girl's wedge sandal has come off after an explosion:

Not entirely sure what's happening here but woman loses her heel:

Woman's heel sucked off by some kind of vortex (cover only):

Someone else posted this a little while ago but if you're curious, this is where it is actually from. Unfortunately there is no more to it than the one image.

There is however a brief, different one from the same book:

By the way, I've still got a bunch more from manga, cartoons, movies, etc. I'll have to track down online copies that I can actually share when I get a chance though. I prefer normally to just keep copies of all this stuff on my hard drive.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

Replies: 1,708
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09-19-2017 06:49 Forum: Other Content

Here we go, a couple more comics and a bunch from webcomics:

Woman is saved from a sniper and loses her heel:

A young Barbra Gordon loses a flat while being dangled off a roof. (Sadly, this is cover only and doesn't happen anywhere in the actual comic.)

Woman is pulled out of her heel by a monster. (She appears again a few pages later, still without it, although she gets it back shortly after).

Girl slips out of her boot while being grabbed by a bird monster and runs away without it.

Same comic as above. Girl trips and loses a shoe:

Girl loses a sneaker going through a portal. She loses the other one a few pages later and stays in her socks afterward for a long time.

Girl's foot is grabbed by a monster. She slips out of her boot to escape and runs back to her boat without it.

Alice returns from wonderland with only one shoe. It is fairly short-lived though and as far as I can tell, the rest of the comic never actually goes on to show any of her trip or anything like that.

Girl is missing a sneaker after being kidnapped. Unfortunately, we don't actually see anything beyond this one panel and she is killed right after.

This *may* be another one from the same comic. It's not really clear though. She certainly appears to be missing a sneaker.
We see her get sucked into the portal here though and she still has both.
I don't know. The latest one way just posted a couple days ago so we'll see maybe once the comic updates again next week.

A bunch from another webcomic with a predilection for comedic reactions where the character falls over and their shoe pops off.

Originally posted by Mandrake

Great list there! Incidently you posted the X-Factor comic twice. Not that I minded because X-Factor used to be my favorite comic as a kid, and it's been awhile since I read it, plus Layla wears cool striped stockings. But I am curious to know what the issue was that you left out.

Ah yes, here is the proper link:

Originally posted by Nopperabo

I afraid I can't. Most came from Japanese Manga books (as in the actual kind from Japan) I bought, and I didn't pay much attention to which volume had what (I just would flip through, and. if there was a shoe loss scene, I bought the volume). Most of the rest came from larger "Graphic" books. The manga ones would have all been published in the Ribon Mascot series, but since that is currently something like 2000 volumes long, that isn't much help.

Fair enough, thanks anyway.

Originally posted by omega

It would be great if some PC modders made it possible to have a one shoe Shani throughout the game.

I've thought about this as well. I *think* it should be very easy to do. Just a simple matter of swapping out her standard character model for the one shoed one. Sadly, I have zero experience with this kind of thing.
Thread: Shoe Loss in Cartoons, Games, Movies, and Comics MegaThread

Replies: 1,708
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09-18-2017 06:44 Forum: Other Content

Hey everyone. Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've got a list of stuff I've been keeping over the years and I'll try to post it all when I get a chance. Most of them I just have saved locally though so I'll need to look for versions I can actually link to. FYI most of these are socks/sneakers stuff because that's what I'm into.

Woman loses her sneaker jumping on a car. (p.9) You don't actually see it initially (just her shoe hitting the road) but she's sitting in one shoe a couple pages later.

Girl loses her sneaker fighting ninjas. (p.18 ) You can actually see it slipping off in the top right panel. She spends the rest of the issue without it.

An obscure comic where the main character loses her sneaker in an explosion. Never gets it back although does take the other one off eventually. (p. 14).

Harley Quinn (not in her usual costume) loses a shoe after getting hit by the villain (p.18 )

Injured woman missing her loafer on the cover. As far as I can tell though, that never actually happens in the book itself.

Girl's shoe is pulled off by killer. (p.5) She spends the rest of the issue without it and also reappears towards the end of the next issue, still without it.

Girl loses her flat as she's yanked away by robot. (p.10) Sadly, she has both back once she turns up again later in the series.

Girl is knocked out and falls in the river at the end of the last issue. This issue she wakes up missing a sneaker. We never actually see the loss but she's in one shoe for the entire issue and a brief appearance in the next one as well.

Young girl has lost her high-top after being abducted by an android. This is the trailer for an upcoming game so it seems like something to keep an eye on.

I think this has been posted before but just in case: You play a party game in which a woman tosses her shoe in a pond and the man must retrieve it.

Character is swarmed by enemies and loses her slip-on shoe (p. 14) although she puts it back on a few pages later. I also believe there's a brief high heel loss right at the end of the issue.

It's not exactly clear where it happens but by page 17 Harley is missing a boot from fighting zombies and is without it all the way until the first page of the next issue.

Incidentally, both of those last two are by a writer named Jimmy Palmiotti who seems to have a lot of losses in his stories. I'm certain I've seen quite a few more elsewhere (although admittedly, I think a lot of those were male). In any case, it seems to happen with surprising frequency and is worth checking out. I haven't read all his stuff yet but I will eventually.

Originally posted by Nopperabo
Album of examples (sorry I can't direct link, but with Photobucket now wanting $400 to let you post your images I have no way to do third party hosting)

Hey, these are really good. Do you think you could tell me where any of them are from? It kinda seems like there could be more to some of them and I'd like to look them up. I recognize the second page is all from Sgt. Frog but I'm not sure about any of the other ones. Any info, even just the series name, would be really helpful.
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