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Thread: Favorite hosiery

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Favorite hosiery 08-18-2012 17:07 Forum: Other Content

What kind of hosiery do you like to see on a lady?

Do you like all sheer? Or, perhaps the reinforced toe; maybe - reinforced heel and toe? I love cuban stockings myself.
Thread: Hosedon University: The Freshman Melissa

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08-16-2012 04:55 Forum: Stories/Written Works

Originally posted by Mandrake
Cool. I wonder if Ashley is wearing nylons under her sneakers. Smile

It might get interesting. Smile
Thread: Hosedon University: The Freshman Melissa

Replies: 3
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Hosedon University: The Freshman Melissa 08-16-2012 03:24 Forum: Stories/Written Works

It is the first of a new semester at Hosedon University. Melissa Madison, a pretty brunette, with hazel eyes, is a freshman. She is a short and petite 18 year-old. She graduated from high school with a pretty high grade point average. And, if you ask any of her friends, they would summarize her up as being a nerdy skater girl. She selected Hosedon University for their excellent business undergraduate program.

It is now 7 am Monday morning, and Melissa wakes up in her dorm room - to the sound of her old alarm clock. She crawls out of bed in her pajamas, and makes her way to the closet. Hosedon University has a strict dress code for all business majors; so, she pulls out a pair of black cotton slacks, and a nice white button-up shirt. She goes over to her dresser, and looks for a pair of nylons...

"I could swear that I bought some pantyhose the other day," she said to herself.

She ended up settling for a pair of thin black crew socks. "I hope these are ok, considering the dress code say nylons only." After getting dressed, she puts her black socked feet in a pair of black flats. Her black slacks are long enough, so nobody can see that she is not wearing the required nylons.

Melissa makes her way to her first class, which is a astronomy class. The room is pretty traditional, with individual desks, and a white marker board in the front of the room. She takes a seat, and pulls all of her class materials from her bag.

Not a moment later... The desk in front of her becomes occupied by a very gorgeous blonde. After she removed all of her class items from her bag, and placing them on her desk - she turns around...

"Hi, my name is Ashley, you must be new here."

Melissa responds, "Yeah, I'm a freshman, and my name is Melissa."

Ashley checks out her attire...

"So, I'm guessing your a business major?" Ashley asks.

"Yes, I am," Melissa responds. " I'm guessing your not, since you are dressed pretty casual."

The gorgeous blonde is wearing a red t-shirt, tight blue jeans, and white sneakers.

"Yeah, well, I am here on a athletic scholarship for cheerleading and softball," Ashley answers back.

Ashley looks down at Melissa's feet, where her legs are crossed, and her foot hanging few inches from the ground. She has a fetish for girls in nylons and their feet, she is very aware of the schools dress code for business majors. She looks up at Melissa, and sees her looking over the class syllabus. Ashley turns around in her seat facing the front of the class.

After a few seconds, Ashley's hand makes her way down to Melissa's dangling foot, and she takes a hold of the heel of the shoe. Melissa feeling something grabbing her shoe, starts having flashbacks from high school - when her friends used to pull-off and steal her shoes.

"Oh no, please don't Ashley!" Melissa whispers.

Ashley pretends not hear her, and starts slowly pulling off the black size 6 shoe. Melissa starts curling her little black socked toes, but feels the sole of her foot sliding out of her shoe. After a brief second, Melissa lost the shoe battle to Ashley with her little toes wiggling in the air.

Ashley looks down once again and whispers, "It looks like somebody is not up to code!" As she giggles afterwards.

"Come on Ashley! Give me my shoe back, before I get caught," Melissa pleads.

"Oh fine then," as Ashley drops the shoe to the floor.

Melissa quickly retrieves her shoe and looks around. "Oh good! Nobody saw my socked foot!"

After dropping Melissa's show onto the floor - Ashley pulls out her cell phone, and begins texting some friends...

To Be Continued...
Thread: Surprises

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07-27-2011 06:08 Forum: Requests

Hopefully, not just me... Smile
Thread: Surprises

Replies: 4
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Surprises 07-10-2011 23:25 Forum: Requests

Two best friends that are complete opposites.

A nerdy girl and the princess...

The nerdy girl always wear pantyhose, and the princess always mocks her for her clothing style.

The nerdy girl is a pale white girl, brown hair, green eyes, and glasses. Always in a dress and blouse.

The princess wears a t-shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. She always has a mid-tone tan, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

The nerdy girl creates rope bounds on the princesses bed posts. She comes home, and falls asleep fully clothed after partying. When the princess wakes up, she is in bondage(to her bed posts). While, her nerdy friend waits for her to awake.

When the sweet princess is awaken; she is in bondage to her bed posts. The nerdy girl was poking at her ribs until she was fully conscious.

"I'm missing my favorite pair of pantyhose," the nerd speaks.

She removes her shoes revealing, the princesses black socks. "Where are my pantyhose?" While tickling the princesses black socked feet.

"I dont know!" the princess begs.

The nerd doesn't believe her, so she pulls off her black socks! And, exposing the princesses pantyhosed feet
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