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Posted by tealc176 on 07-27-2018 at11:23:


I have to say it almost reminds me a bit of the earily half of reds planet where red was stuck in a simlar manner, though i might have to check this show out since it looks pretty good.

Posted by omega on 08-06-2018 at00:33:


Right here we have a Karlie Shoe Loss.

Posted by Mandrake on 08-09-2018 at14:14:

Posted by Mandrake on 08-13-2018 at07:07:


Some clips from classic fleischer cartoons

I remember Olive Oyl losing her shoes a bunch of times when I watched the cartoon as a kid. We could probably fill the thread up with those alone.

Posted by Nopperabo on 08-23-2018 at16:18:


Two from summer camp island

Posted by omega on 08-26-2018 at22:54:

Posted by Nopperabo on 08-27-2018 at02:59: (20:28 )

Posted by omega on 08-29-2018 at07:16:

Posted by omega on 09-01-2018 at13:42:

Posted by Nopperabo on 09-11-2018 at18:23:


Model for Batmad

Posted by Mandrake on 09-13-2018 at16:48:


Originally posted by omega

That was beautiful!

Posted by abzapthane on 09-22-2018 at23:05:


I just watched a movie called "Don't Breathe" about a group of young robbers who try to rob a blind man.

It's a weird little movie, but for the sake of the topic, the female lead takes off her ankle boots fairly early in the movie (black socks), to avoid making noise. She winds up spending the majority of the movie running around in just her black socks.

Also, on Netflix, Matt Groening's new cartoon, Disenchantment, features a female princess who wears boots like Leela did on Futurama. It's a decent show, but there are a couple of scenes that stand out in particular:

In episode 5, Bean, the princess, has to fight Hansel and Gretel inside the candy house and gets her feet trapped on a sticky floor. She takes her boots off and continues to fight barefoot. (about 22 mins in)

In episode 8, one of the soles of Bean's boot get destoryed as she's pursuing a kidnapper and gets dragged around the castle showing her toes through her destroyed boot (about 6 mins in)
Same episode, (about 23 mins in), Bean is trying to climb a ladder to escape but the villan clamps down on her foot and even makes mention that he will take her boot off... BUT sadly, she escapes with both boots on (definitely a TEASE).

Posted by Mandrake on 09-23-2018 at16:42:


Interesting. I saw a preview for Disenchantment and it looked like the princess was wearing tights/hose of some sort. It's too bad her feet were bare though when her boots came off.

Posted by Mandrake on 10-02-2018 at08:04:

Posted by hunter77721 on 10-07-2018 at16:49:


Some Russian book ilustrations found in the net:

Posted by cassav on 10-07-2018 at17:49:


Whats the translation of the books ?

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