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Posted by Nopperabo on 04-14-2018 at19:16:


Posted by omega on 04-19-2018 at21:33:


This is such a weirdly filmed shoe loss. This is the first time where the shoe could easily be retrieved but instead somehow it’s lost permanently.


Posted by GiantSquid33 on 04-20-2018 at13:20:


Just one today although it's a good one if you like sneaker/socks stuff like me. Girl's sneaker comes off in the water after jumping into the ocean. Not super long but some real nice shots as her feet are grabbed in the water by...I'm gonna say ghosts?

Originally posted by Mandrake
Awesome job again. Too bad no stockings (except for maybe that April O'neil one, but it's hard to tell). Also the last one made me laugh. I'm wondering if it wasn't so much a loss as much as it was her kicking off her shoes so she didn't get charged for them by the bowling ally. Still fun to see and I like her socks.

I wondered that as well. It does seem potentially voluntary. Although she's already left the bowling alley so I fear they won't be making it back to the counter regardless.

P.S. If you're interested in non-loss sock scenes there's another one earlier in the same issue of her and her friends that's quite nice.

Originally posted by omega


Well this is interesting. This was actually on my radar after reading a synopsis a while back. It's an anime called "To Be Hero 2" (or possibly To Be Hero Leaf now???). Although if it has any connection to the original To Be Hero (an obscure comedy short from several years ago) I can't discern it. Apparently part of the premise is that this girl's boot turns into a warrior who protects her. Unfortunately it looks like her other boot turns into his sword so she's not gonna be constantly one-shoed. Still this seems like some prime material. I'm not exactly sure when more episodes will come out. I don't think it actually airs in Japan until late May which is probably why I can barely find a mention of it on most Western sites. This seems to be a Chinese version which I guess was released sooner. Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for more episodes.

Posted by BatMad on 04-26-2018 at10:38:


Originally posted by omega


White boots and opaque tights! I could die here Big Grin

Thanks for sharing this one

Posted by grizzletoad1 on 05-01-2018 at21:00:

  RE: Poor Frenda Loses Her Shoe

Here's a good real-life rendition of how I think Frenda should really look like. Far more adult-looking, and can't you just see the blade snapping out from the face of one of those heels? I found this pic while looking for something completely unrelated and thought "Wow! Now if only she had on that beret. So I did a search and found a pic of a beret that was angled just right and just the right color, then through the miracle of Microsoft Paint, I sized it and plopped it onto the woman's head and voila! This is what Frenda should look like in a live-action film version of the comic. Just some fun with paint. Any thoughts?

Posted by Nopperabo on 05-13-2018 at04:53:

Posted by tealc176 on 05-13-2018 at08:57:


I will say that the cartoon with the pigs was funny and very good, i love how they kept the main one shod through out most of it.

Posted by omega on 05-19-2018 at13:24:


Not exactly a loss but still entertaining.

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