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Posted by hunter77721 on 03-05-2017 at11:56:

  lost flat shoe

A few days ago, to the firm I am work, came a young woman for a job interview. And going upstairs she had been tripped and lost her left flat. Her feet were small and narrow, looks very hot.
So i almost immediatelly thought abut a story of a girl, who going on her job interview and lost one of her flats, maybe getting out of crowded subway train or elevator - and could not retrieve it. And because she forgot her purse, she couldn't buy a spare pair of shoes, so had to went for her interview still wearing only one.

Posted by Nopperabo on 03-05-2017 at15:31:


It's not exactly the situation but Hotbloodedyukiteru did a story with more or less that idea

Posted by bosArt on 03-08-2017 at12:01:


working on a story with a lost flat, hyperrealistic quality. different setup though. the girl loses the shoe while dangling. she can't get it back right away as she is sitting on the bleachers in the middle of an audience watching a martial arts competition. when she finally is able to look for her shoe, it's gone ...

Posted by omega on 03-08-2017 at16:29:


Not to be stereotypical but I hope the character is Asian. Is there any chance of seeing this or more of any of the other newer project later this month ir April?

Posted by bosArt on 03-08-2017 at20:11:


sorry, no Asian girls involved this time, one Israeli and two Turkish girls. attaching low quality preview of cover (WIP). not sure when it will be released as I am testing lots of new options in this one like dynamic clothes and nylons as well as rendertechniques. I have to compose the final pics in layers, much more complicated workflow now, which is the main reason why it takes so long. but I am quite optimistic that it will be finished in march ...

Posted by bosArt on 04-18-2017 at16:32:


first two scenes of the new mini series are now available in the shop, the intro is for free, so you can check if it is to your taste. scene 2 has an almost loss of a flat, but the loss mentioned above will be in scene 4 ...

Posted by potk on 04-19-2017 at12:54:


Nice to see the shop is open again. Had some issues trying to get the free preview; the shop won't process the transaction because it is free apparently.

EDIT: Ooops, nevermind, I got it to work. Sorry for the scare.

Posted by bosArt on 04-19-2017 at13:00:


glad you like it. if you have ONLY the free product in cart, do NOT try to check out via paypal. after accepting the terms on the order page, a button will appear to conclude the order without payment.

all stated in the description, but sadly few people read all of it. I get an error message about that issue every hour or so. not sure if it would even be better to charge 1 dollar instead of giving it away for free to avoid those issues ...

Posted by bosArt on 04-19-2017 at13:01:


glad you found it by yourself. seems the description is explanatory enough Happy

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