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Posted by supernovae on 01-14-2016 at14:57:

  im new

Hi everybody,

im new and I dont see how I can find whole e-comics. Is there one where many girls are tickled at same time?

thank you!

Posted by bosArt on 01-14-2016 at16:55:

  RE: im new

hi and welcome to the board Smile

the shop is currently closed but will be opened soon. many girls tickled at the same time you will find in the serial ecomic "Ticklish Boarding School Rivalry". This one is english only and has been released last year, but new episodes are already on the horizon ...

new releases are german only. "Des widerspenstigen Fightgirl's kitzlige Zähmung" features two girls in ticklish trouble at the same time ...

shop will hopefully be online again next week. just check in a couple of days ...

greetings bosArt

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