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Posted by grizzletoad1 on 08-14-2014 at03:12:

  Cinderella Rode My Train Today!

I was running my second inbound trip to Hoboken this morning, making my usual stop at Ridgewood, NJ, when my conductor contacts me over the radio with a strange request. "Can you pull ahead about five feet, John?" Curious, I look back and see my crew looking down into the gap between my train and the platform. I move my train forward and stop. Then I get a signal to proceed on to the next station. So I accelerate out from Ridgewood. A few minutes later, my conductor comes into my cab and says, "The pretty young woman who rides our train every day from Ridgewood thanks you for helping to get her shoe back." Seems she had been running to catch the train. It had been raining so the platform was wet. She tripped, and her designer flip-flop flew off her foot and plunged into the gap between the train and the platform and down to the track! So my crew magnanimously sprung into action to retrieve the errant flip-flop, involving me in the little comedy playing out on the platform behind me. By moving up, I was able to allow my crew to reach the sandal on the tracks from the doorway of one of the coaches. And Cinderella got her shoe back. So that was my small contribution to today's comedy of life on the railroad.

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