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Posted by grizzletoad1 on 09-16-2013 at20:48:

  Gabriel's Fire

I've been looking for an episode of a long canceled TV series called Gabriel's Fire, staring James Earl Jones. In the episode called Windows, which was episode # 10, the main female character loses a shoe and stays that way for a considerable length of time. To date, the series is unavailable anywhere. Anyone have a lead as to where I might find this long lost episode?

Posted by Mandrake on 09-19-2013 at08:44:

  RE: Gabriel's Fire

I never saw that series but you peaked my interest.

Posted by Leopold_Destiny on 05-08-2017 at03:43:


I've tried to locate any video from the series but unfortunately with no success =(

Posted by grizzletoad1 on 05-08-2017 at16:41:


I know. Frustrating.

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